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What is RPNetwork? What is Erealms?
First off, I'll answer 'What is Erealms?' Erealms is an opensource script (Full name, Ethereal Realms) built with the purpose of providing a chat and community website for roleplayers. The script hasn't been officially updated since 2006, but it's still a popular script among the niche who know about it and have used it. There are a good number of sites running Erealms.

RPNetwork is 'yet another' Erealms site. Like any other Erealms site, characters and rooms can be transferred to and from other Erealms sites using the export/import function. RPNetwork makes a few custom tweaks, however, like the removal of gummies (their functionality will be replaced in due time).
What's so special about Erealms?
Erealms is a chat script geared specifically toward roleplayers. As such, you can have a profile for each character and post as each one separately. For worldcrafters, you can have a room dedicated to your setting which you can customize in nearly any way you wish (restricted to HTML and CSS, of course). The layout, colors, graphics, are all yours to modify.

The chat has features like dice rolling, private messaging, and offline chats (to be explained further on).
The character editor can be accessed by either clicking on the "Characters" button on the Portal, or the "Config" button in a chat comm panel. Creating a character is pretty straightforward: Enter the name and click "Insert." (Note to self: Go back and change 'puppet' to 'character' to make things a little more clear.)

When you want to edit a character, just select the character from the list and click View (for the record, if you wish to delete a character, select the character, click the checkbox near 'Delete', and then click 'Delete'). The screen that comes up next will have several fields for you to fill out.

'Image Link' is where you place a link to your character's image. This link must be a hotlinkable image somewhere on the Internet. We recommend using something like Imgur or Photobucket.

The Description section is self-explanatory. You can use limited HTML to design a tag for your character which will be posted along with every post that character makes in a room. The system automatically limits this to a certain length, so try to keep it short and simple. Good practice is to only include the most important facts about your character.

The Tagline section provides you with an area to add some additional information. What is entered in the Tagline will appear just beneath the Description in smaller text, in italics and parentheses. A popular thing to put here is the player's OOC name, but really just about anything can put in here. Like the Description field, it is also length-limited.
Comm Panel
The Comm Panel is the section on the bottom section of a room, where you'll be selecting your character and writing up your posts. There are buttons all along the comm panel that do various things, some of which may not be made available depending on the room owner's preferences. By default, the following buttons are available:

* Config - Opens the character menu, from which you can access the user settings menu
* Portal - Opens a Portal, from which you can select another room to visit
* Private - Opens a Private Message panel, from which you can send a PM to another player
* Zoom - Opens a larger comm panel, from which you can write larger posts, perform spell check, and transfer said post back into the primary comm panel (Admitedly, this feature is sorta obsolete)
* Dice - Opens a Dice Panel. Select the number of dice and the number of sides per dice. Even enter a little note to determine which results do what. Great for combat, or just for fun.
* Who's On? - Displays who's active in the room, by character name.
* Ignore - Opens an Ignore panel. You can ignore specific users, specific characters, or specific images.
* Color Guide - Lets you see what the various font colors look like.
* Forums - Rooms have a forum, though not many use them.
* Email - The site's internal email system. It's frankly not very useful, but the functionality exists if you'd like to use it. Any offline messages sent to you will arrive in this inbox, and you can send offline messages to a character or player from here as well.
Offline Realm/Room
On the Portal, you'll probably notice the checkbox that says "Take realm offline?"

Don't get excited. You can't actually take the room offline.

What this does is it provides a sort of forum-esque duplicate of the room in question. This is a feature that I personally like, but not many people use (because they don't know what it does/that it exists). Basically what happens is that posts made in Offline Mode are stored separately from posts made in normal mode. Normal Mode viewers (as we'll call them) are able to see Offline Mode posts (With a quirky different background color to the post), but Offline Mode viewers cannot see Normal Mode posts.

When in Offline Mode, however, the system keeps the logs for a longer time, and Offline Mode viewers can scroll back much further than Normal Mode viewers can, and posts are presented in page format. This is useful for long-term roleplays, especially when two players who want to play together are not frequently online at the same time.

If you click on a character's name while in Offline Mode, you will have the option to send an offline message, and the option to receive a message when that character posts in Offline Mode.

A practical application would be two friends who have conflicting schedules. They can create a private room, enter it using Offline Mode, and be able to play-by-post as though RPN were a forum.
1 - The Golden Rule
The Golden Rule of RPN is 'Don't do a Bad Thing™.'

Bad Things™ include breaking laws, breaking room rules, trolling, flaming, breaking the site on purpose, and in general being a jerk.

Most Bad Things™ won't get you banned immediately, but some of the more serious ones will. Your first offence will net you a warning, and continued offenses will earn you a temp ban. Usually, it will take a few temp bans to earn a perma ban.

We at RPN hate banning folks. We try to offer a laid-back and stress-free environment for roleplayers to have fun and socialize in. So please, don't do a Bad Thing™.
2 - Age Requirements
RPN contains adult content. Simple enough. Rooms marked for 'Adult' require its visitors to be old enough to view adult content (Usually 18 or 21). If we discover you in an Adult room, and you are under this legal age, you will be banned from that (and probably any other) Adult room.

However, there are likely to be (though not as the time of this writing) rooms marked for more restrictive ratings. Rooms are rated using the American movie rating system (G, PG, PG-13, R) to signify how 'clean' the room host wants their room to be. In general, G restricts things like swearing, while R will disallow only the most explicit (which Adult allows). But to be safe, check the room rules before participating.

In the case of a 'younger' rating on a room, chatters must still be at least 13 years old. That's just the law here in America.
3 - Room Rules
This is highlighted in Rule 1, but it deserves some more attention.

Room owners are allowed to make up pretty much any rule they want to (within reason), and the room's chatters are required to follow those rules, enforced by the room host and his or her chosen moderators. Getting banned from a room does not strictly mean you will be banned from the site, but getting banned from a few rooms is probably not a good sign.

A room host is required to enforce the bare minimum rules. Don't allow anything illegal, enforce the age restriction, and so forth. Even if these rules are not directly mentioned on the room splash page, these are still rules that must be followed.

However, a room host, as mentioned, can make any rules they want to. If the room host says that their room only allows characters that can exist in a super hero setting, then so be it. You don't want to introduce a character that conflicts with their setting! Make sure you know the rules and ask questions if need be before you try to participate.
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